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Maria Lymberis For more than 20 years the PER Foundation has been working to promote public education thru various programs including its highly successful special educational events. PER has also been supporting excellence in Psychiatric Education and funding research on children's mental health. In addition, the PER is focused on recognizing persons in our community whose work and life provides hope and inspiration for improved treatments and for defeating the stigma & discrimination that is still present against persons with psychiatric problems. Highlights of the work of PER follow:

Current PER Projects

  • The PER FOUNDATION Excellence in Psychiatric Education AWARD

  • This PER award recognizes outstanding achievements by psychiatric residents in any of the following areas: Research, Teaching and Education, Community Involvement, or Patient Care during their training. The award honors exceptional work by a resident in each of the six residency training programs of the SCPS region. The award aims to recognize both the mentors and their trainees in each program.

    The applications for the nomination must be submitted by the Director of each residency training program by March 1st.

    Click here for Application

    Previous Awards

  • The PER Advocacy Award
  • This award is presented during the SCPS Annual meetings. To date, PER has awarded several Advocacy Awards honoring the contributions of Sharon Dunas, MFT, President National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) L.A. County & Westside L.A. Judge Harold E. Shabo, retired Supervising Judge of the Mental Health Department of the Superior Court of Los Angeles and Stella March, NAMI National Coordinator of Stigma Busters.

  • PER Support and Alliance with NAMI and Mental Illness Awareness Programs
  • PER has been contributing funds yearly for Mental Illness Awareness activities in our community and other projects promoting mental health. PER has a very special and close relationship with NAMI since its inception when Carla and Brian Jacobs were part of the PER Founders. NAMI members continue to be key members of the PER Advisory Board and PER is an annual contributor to NAMI Walks in our community.

  • PER Psychiatric Resident Support for Attendance at Annual CPA Meetings
  • Beginning in 2009, PER is contributing annually by funding several psychiatric residents from the SCPS area psychiatric training programs to attend the October California Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting. In funding this program the PER Foundation is  promoting the professional development of future psychiatrists by encouraging their active participation in life long learning and as a way of welcoming them as future members of the psychiatric profession.

    PER Past Projects and Awards

    PER Excellence in Psychiatric Education Award

    Established in 2008 this award annually recognizes outstanding achievements by psychiatric residents  from any of the training programs of the SCPS region. The award honors both the mentoring training program and the resident for his/her exceptional work in any of the following areas: research, teaching and education, community involvement, or patient care during residency.


    Department of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences, Keck School of Medicine of USC
    Mentorship and Leadership as Adult Outpatient Chief Resident

    UCLA/San Fernando Valley Psychiatry Training Program
    Education Chief Resident
    Establishing Morbidity and Mortality ("M & M") Rounds

    Departmen of Psychiatry, Semel Institute for Neurosciences and Human Behavior
    David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    Consultation-Liaison Chief Resident
    Development of a New Consultation-Liaison Curriculum at UCLA

    Department of Psychiatry, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
    Community Education
    Working with Coastal Asian Pacific Mental Health Clinic to Create Easy-To-Read Material about Mental Health Topics in Different Asian Languages

    Department of Psychiatry, Loma Linda University Behavioral Health Institute
    Integration of Psychiatry and Spirituality; Co-author of "My Life, My Power" Program, A Preventative and Proactive Approach Toward Bullying in Schools


    UCLA/San Fernando Valley Program
    Safety Education for residents and trainees – Residency Safety Oversight Committee

    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
    Community outreach with OPCC outreach team; chief resident through program transition

    Loma Linda University
    M.P.H.; Spearheading mental health initiative in Lesotho, Africa with emphasis on youth orphaned by HIV/AIDS

    Harbor/UCLA Medical Center
    Translating psychoeducational materials into Korean and providing psychoeducational family support groups for Korean speaking patients and families at Coastal Asian Pacific Mental Health Clinic and local NAMI affiliate

    Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
    Chief Resident leadership as PGY3, mentoring residents and medical students in a small, new training program

    UCLA David Geffen SOM
    “Texting for Change” performance improvement project

    Keck SOM at USC
    Original research to examine stress and burnout among both faculty and residents in psychiatry and pediatrics

    The 2011 PER Excellence in Psychiatric Education Award

    Presented at SCPS Installation & Awards Ceremony, April 16, 2011 to Katrina DeBonis, M.D.

    L to R, Maria Lymberis, M.D. and Kathleen Moreno, M.D.;, Katrina DeBonis, M.D.; Drs. Lymberis and DeBonis with Lawrence Gross, M.D.

    The 2010 PER Excellence in Psychiatric Education Award

    The first annual PER Excellence in Psychiatric Education Award was presented at SCPS Annual Awards meeting in 2010 to Lara Kierlin, M.D. a third year psychiatric resident from UCLA for her research paper on: “Aging: Cytokine Mechanisms and Treatment of Insomnia” and her mentors and principle research team investigators, Michael Irwin, M.D. and Richard Olmstead, Ph.D.

    Lara Kierlin, M.D.                                                             Lara Kierlin, M.D. with Doctor Lymberis, and John Luo, M.D.

    Dr. Kierlin is an outstanding resident. She has distinguished herself as the recipient of several other  awards including: the Shirley Hatos 20th Century Prize for her research paper on “The Science of Sleep: Psychiatry’s Role in the 21st Century” in October 2007. She was also the Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology scholarship recipient in October 2004. PER congratulates both her and her UCLA residency program mentors for fostering such a sustained pattern of excellence during her psychiatric training.

    Past PER Projects and Educational Events

    PER Funding for the UCLA Research on L.A. Juvenile Justice System
    As the 21st century rolled in, PER funded the data processing for the research conducted by the UCLA Child Psychiatry Department in the Juvenile Justice Program of L.A. County. Professor Bonnie Zima, M.D. was the leading researcher. She involved in this research the participation of two UCLA child psychiatry fellows. PER sponsored a special educational program featuring the results of this research during one of the SCPS Annual meetings in Santa Barbara. That program was a very well received by the SCPS members. Data from this  research is now being used to guide and improve the treatment of juveniles in the LA Juvenile Justice system.

    PER News in 2010
    In July 2010 the PER Foundation was the recipient of a donation of $50,000 from a thankful psychiatric patient. The PER Foundation was named in the will of this patient  who was cared for by the distinguished PER Board member and officer: Timothy Hayes, MD. Donating to PER is the ethical way for psychiatric patients and  their families, to express their gratitude for the care and help they received  for their psychiatric problems. PER commends Dr. Hayes for his care of his patient and urges all, psychiatrists, families, friends and members of our community, to think of contributing to the PER Foundation as a way to express appreciation for care received. Working to fight mental illness should be everyone’s concern. We all need a “healthy mind in a healthy body” for a full life.

    PER Education Presentation at SCPS Annual Meeting 2008
    During the 2008 SCPS Annual meeting, PER sponsored a special educational program on Schizophrenia featuring the movie CANVAS and a panel discussion with UCLA Professor and leading schizophrenia expert Steven Marder, M.D. and the writer producer of the movie, Mr. Joseph Greco. Mr. Greco noted that the movie was based in part on his own experiences growing up with his schizophrenic mother. NAMI members were also in attendance by a special invitation for this part of the SCPS meeting. This program was very well received.

    PER Public Education Lecture Series
    During the 1990s in collaboration with the psychiatric departments of several local hospitals, the PER  Foundation organized a number of public education programs. These were panel presentations on the clinical aspects of various psychiatric illnesses. These  programs featured psychiatric experts, members of the SCPS. The programs were enthusiastically received by the public.

    PER Seed Funding for The Journey of Hope
    By far the most significant PER program during the 1990s was the PER’s help in bringing the “The Journey of Hope” to California by providing the seed money and by working closely with the premiere NAMI advocates Carla and Bryan Jacobs to establish the program in both Southern and  Northern California. This effort was very successful. "The Journey of Hope" flourished in California. Over the years this program was adopted by NAMI to become the most successful nationwide NAMI program under the name "Family to Family."

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