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Psychiatric Research supported by The PER Foundation

For years SCPS and the PER Board have been very concerned about the psychiatric needs of one of the most underserved and largely forgotten populations in the Los Angeles County public mental health system: children and adolescents. In 2010 the PER Foundation launched a multi-year fund-raising effort to support psychiatric research that will improve mental health treatment outcomes and services for children and adolescent in the public mental health system of our community.

Since 2011, PER has been supporting this urgently needed vital research directed by Kenneth Wells, M.D. Director of the Semel Institute’s Health Services and Society Center and Bonnie Zima, M.D. UCLA Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

The partnership of PER with the UCLA Center for Health Services and Society is a model for how a psychiatric society thru its foundation can help become a force for good by funding research that addresses vital needs of patients in the community. For more information: