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The Psychiatric Education and Research Foundation was established in January of 1990 as a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit philanthropic and educational organization to promote the goals of the Southern California Psychiatric Society and its member psychiatrists. Specifically, PER aims to foster the active participation of psychiatrists in our community to improve psychiatric care, increase access to treatment and fight against the destructive effects of stigma and discrimination of persons suffering from psychiatric problems through education and research.

The PER mission is “To build bridges of understanding between psychiatry and the general public through public education, research and community outreach.”


The 2014 event at the NPI Semel auditorium was a full house event. It started with Dr Marvin Shouthard's impressive & eloquent introduction of the 2014 PER ADVOCATE and was followed by Professor Elyn Saks’s acceptance of her award. Everyone present was very moved hearing Elyn's compelling story and the many lessons she offered about the road to recovery and to living with mental illness.

The presentation/performance by Dr Kogan that concluded the evening was considered as "stunning" and "exceptional" by those present. His empathic and learned understanding of the role of Robert Schumann's mental illness in his life and in his musical creativity was very moving. Schumann's creative genius was demonstrated by Dr. Kogan's masterful playing of key sections of his music. His tragic end from illness reminded us of the critical role of scientific progress since the 1800s. This was a night of inspired hopefulness because it clearly demonstrated that progress and highlighted the difference in the outcomes of these two geniuses: Schumann & Saks. Their lives present HEROIC examples of living with serious, chronic, recurrent and severe illness. Elyn Saks has clearly benefitted from scientific advances and is able to have a full, creative and productive life because of the gains made since Schumann's time. Nevertheless, it still took her decades of hard work in treatment to correct her distortion – “If I do not take meds, I do not have the illness of Schizophrenia”…

This program clearly illustrated that, ILLNESS is the enemy and that persistence is KEY in any hope of beating it, provided there is access to appropriate, competent care and the much needed family and work support.

Stay tuned for the next PER Educational event.

Maria T Lymberis, MD
PER Founding President

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Saturday March 29th 2014

Schumann, Music, Moods and Madness
A Performance and Presentation by Dr. Richard Kogan

The Psychiatric Education & Research Foundation invites you to come experience an evening of great music, learn how in the past brain/mind problems negatively impact the life of one of the most creative musicians and the reality of our time when resilience and effective treatment can triumph.

The program features two outstanding professionals:

Dr. Richard Kogan the distinguished psychiatrist and concert pianist is returning for an ENCORE to present his unique lecture performance of the music of composer Robert Schumann and the impact of Schumann’s disturbed moods on his work and life. Cellist Yo-Yo Ma noted that this presentation is “a rich multidimensional profile revealing some of the most intimate sources of Robert Schumann's enormous creativity, imagination and artistry”.

Read more about Dr. Kogan

Elyn R. Saks, the distinguished Professor of Law & Psychiatry at USC, will be accepting the 2014 PER Advocate Award. Professor Saks is an expert in mental health law, a psychoanalyst and a person with Schizophrenia. Her 2007 autobiography The Center Cannot Hold became an award-winning best-seller. Her book detailing her long journey of learning to understand and live with her Schizophrenia, serves as an inspiration and living proof that a full productive life is now possible not only for those with all the known medical problems but also with brain/mind problems.

See her faculty profile page and the Saks Institute home page.

The PER Foundation is honored to have the Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Marvin J. Southard, introduce Professor Elyn R. Saks.

This PER Foundation program is co sponsored by:
UCLA Department of Psychiatry
UCLA Center for Health Services and Society
NAMI Westside LA
Southern California Psychiatric Society
The Art of Psychiatric Medicine Committee of the SCPS

7:00PM Registration and refreshments
8:00PM Program Begins

UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI) Auditorium

Semel Institute
NPI Auditorium
760 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA, 90024

Event is FREE for PER Members.
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